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 SNP’s statement of your working day: Callipygian.

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: SNP’s statement of your working day: Callipygian.   Fri Nov 11, 2011 10:54 am

Word of mouth: Callipygian

Signifying: Experiencing amazing backside. Hardly any, extremely. It’s within the Medieval kallipygos, with kalli- + pyg? Backside.
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Practices: “Those dusky Afro-Scandinavian backside, which unfortunately unite any callipygian rondure detected among the many races within the Shadowy Country when using the taut together with noble musculature for long lasting Olaf, some of our blond Upper relation. ” — Thomas Pynchon, Gravity’s Rainbow

You need to comprehend it all given that: The is among the most loveliest-sounding key phrases during the English language lexicon, and this would mean, generally, fine tail. At the time you mention it all during Medieval, it’s possibly not intimate pestering, despite the fact that. Someway I’d unconsidered the rather shapely word of mouth ‘til it had become applied to an innovative Yorker scenario during reference to (major, however , what person other than them? )#) Kim Kardashian. However, it all could also be put to use in Nicki Minaj, who’s everywhere on my best Flickr provide for once performing the Versace meant for H&M clearly show and also Victoria’s Mystery clearly show during Manhattan the 7-day period, or simply meant for any number of hyper-cheeky burst tarts.

It’s says the idea has come from when using the Venus Kallipygos, what person increased any golds for your girlfriend Grecian robe that will demonstrate an unusual bootylicious. It all came into Terrific Caribbean practices approximately 1800, as soon as the Brits have obsessed with common mythology, and this was initially most certainly recognised during Canada and america by just 1929, anytime POINT IN TIME Article came a portion over the “Callipygian Captain, ” a few gal pretending in the form of fella during the You. Verts. Military services.

Um, however , let’s possibly not omit any area: Jake Bowie was initially famed mainly because “the nazz when using the God-given ass” (that will insurance quote his “Ziggy Stardust” lyric), together with Harry Franco is certainly it's good to know maintaining any habit for ambiguously gendered, callipygian it-boydom together with different Possess mag take care of. Wanna look at even more?
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SNP’s statement of your working day: Callipygian.
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